Russ Archive Collections Survey, Analysis and Recommendations, Fern Cottage Museum

Client: Fern Cottage Foundation, Ferndale, CA., 2011-2012


The Russ Archive at Fern Cottage, the legacy of the Russ family and their personal and business activities from the 1840s through 1970, is one of the most comprehensive collections to document the development of the Northcoast region. This Archive includes an extensive collection of early photographs of the Eel River Valley and a collection of works by the Russ women in business, woman's suffrage, the advocacy and creation of redwood state parks, and numerous cultural activities in the region. Guerra & McBane conducted a Comprehensive Survey and Inventory of the Collections in order to identify the contents and composition of the collections. Our organization also rehoused the collection in archival storage materials, prepared appropriate storage units, and created a detailed inventory. The General Analysis & Recommendations addressed archive operations under the guidelines of the Society of American Archivists.