Josephine Talamantez

Josephine Talamantez: Public Historian, Arts Management Specialist, and Preservationist

Josephine Talamantez is an Arts Management consultant with experience in cultural resource management and governmental relations. She is the former Chief of Programs and Legislative Liaison at the California Arts Council and a specialist in Chicano/Mexican-American Civil Rights era. She documented and coordinated the nomination of San Diego, California’s Chicano Park and the Chicano Park Monumental Murals to the National Register. Her research projects include: oral history documentation of the Sacramento Greek community; a cultural resources study of the of the Poverty Ridge neighborhood of Sacramento; and visual and oral history documentation of the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) a.k.a. the Rebel Chicano Art Front, an internationally known artist collective based in Sacramento, and numerous exhibitions. Former Executive Director of La Raza Galeria Posada in Sacramento and of the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego, she is a past Board Member of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC); Capitol Area Indian Resources, Inc. (CAIR); a Co-founder of Chicano Park and member of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, and member of the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF). Ms. Talamantez holds an M.A. in Public History from Sacramento State University, where her research focused on the history and historic sites associated with the Chicano civil rights era.