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Suzanne Guerra

Lead Preservationist, Museum Specialist and Archivist


Suzanne Guerra is a former State Historian with the California State Office of Historic Preservation; Coordinator of the California Register of Historical Resources; Coordinator of the Bi-National (California and Mexico) Heritage Corridor Project, “El Camino Real Misionero de las Californias”; member of the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee to the Board of the National Trust for Historic Preservation; and facilitator of the first Heritage Corridor Workshop for the California Preservation Foundation Conference 1998, "Delta Heritage," on the history of communities on the Sacramento River Delta. She previously worked as: a State Historian for the State Office of Historic Preservation; a Museum Curator for the General Collections of the California Department of Parks and Recreation; and a Program Officer and Museum Program Coordinator for the California Council for the Humanities. Her research focuses on the preservation, documentation and interpretation of cultural landscapes; rural, ethnic and minority, and worker communities; and archiving the history of social and environmental activism. She has twenty five years of experience working with computers and multimedia for preservation and public access, with a specialty in digital collections and community based archives. She received: a B.A. in Liberal Studies, a Museums and Multimedia Certificate, an interdisciplinary M.A. in Social Sciences, Environment and Community Program from Humboldt State University, and a certificate from the Western Archives Institute.

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